Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Confession

Buenos Dias! We’re back from our week in Mexico City, filled with good food and great memories. Problem is, I’m inundated with ideas and trying to sift through them all. Which one to write about first? and second? and so on?

So as I work my way through a major case of bloggus indigestus this morning, I’m procrastinating for a few minutes by reading some food blogs I like. The current entry on Orangette gives me encouragement. If Molly Wizenberg can admit to train wrecking in the kitchen and reaching for olives and cereal, then I too, can admit to a recent lunchtime of kimchi, doritos, peanut butter and ice cream. No, not all at once, but in fairly rapid succession.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do this sort of schizophrenic grazing. Satisfy the taste buds with an assortment of different flavors that might not go together, but that are nonetheless required to keep the tongue and the spirits happy. I don’t do it very often, but maybe I can do it with less guilt now that I see Ms. Wizenberg owning up to it.

Hmm, perhaps that should be a blog all to itself, a confessional spot on the Web where people could go to admit to the bizarre combinations of food they sometimes find themselves building a meal (or a grazing session) out of.

I promise, the next blog will begin a launch into the glories of authentic Mexican cuisine. And there are many.


Ink Gorilla said...

Confession: When I was 10, I came up with the idea of mashing Cool Ranch Doritos into my Cookies & Cream ice cream.

Disgustingly sweet and salty. Cheesy and creamy.

Utterly vile but irrestible to my young palate.

Hm. I wonder if it *still* tastes good....

Hungry Passport said...

Well, Ink Gorilla, there's only one way to find out...