Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For Sale: Sweet Treats & Good Feelings

On Saturday, December 5, food bloggers from around the Los Angeles area will be selling our goodies to benefit the LA Regional Foodbank.

We'll be at Zeke's Smokehouse in West Hollywood, at Santa Monica and La Brea, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

While my contributions will be bubblegum marshmallows and bacon fudge, there will also be whoopie pies, black sesame cupcakes with matcha frosting, bacon apple pie...and that's just the beginning. At last count more than 600 baked goodies had been pledged by some of the most creative bakers in town.

Please come and bring your sweet tooth and your wallet. You can feel good about contributing to an important cause, and you'll have something yummy to enjoy! It's a Win-Win!


*** said...

Your bubblegum marshmallows were the highlight! That was some seriously Willie Wonka sh*t right there. Wish we'd bought more than one!!

Hungry Passport said...

Groovy! I'm glad you liked them. How about this: I'll bring more to the bakesale we do next summer, if you'll promise to buy a bunch...

Thanks! Carol