Friday, March 12, 2010

At the Halfway Mark: Looking Backward and Looking Forward

I posted Week #26 a couple of days ago, putting me squarely at the halfway mark in my "52 Cuisines in 52 Weeks" blogging project.

Am I weary yet of this goal I've set for myself? Nope! Am I running out of cuisines? Not by a long shot! Do I crave a good ol' American hamburger? Not really, but I did enjoy an Umami burger this week, so I've not completely forsaken the food of my native land.

But at the halfway point I'm beginning to think I should do more cooking in this exercise of eating my way around the globe without leaving Los Angeles County. Perhaps I can share a recipe or two along the way. So the second half of this blog project will feature a combination of cooking out, bringing in the prepared foods of (and perhaps from) those countries and dining in their restaurants. I may not be able to manage this every week, but for the second half of this project, I'm certainly going to try for a better balance of sampling food from other countries that is cooked by those for whom it is everyday fare and giving it a go myself.

In a day or two I'll begin with a peek into Scandinavian cuisine, and I'll be making a curious but photogenic dish called Solöga, "Sun's Eye."

Stay tuned!

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