Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barbecue Spaghetti and a Pair of Explanations

Here's my plate from a lunch I had back home in Memphis recently, where one of the local favorites is barbecue spaghetti. When I mentioned it on Facebook someone asked, "How is that possible?" For starters, note that there's no "d" on the end of "barbecue." The spaghetti itself isn't barbecued. Rather it's mixed with barbecued pork (because this is Memphis) and barbecue sauce. This rendition includes some tomato and onion, too.

Since barbecue is made in large quantities, putting together a batch of barbecue spaghetti is one way of varying the meal. Just as you'd serve turkey in myriad ways post-Thanksgiving, we require a little variety in barbecue's presentation, especially when that was one whopper of a hog on the spit.

Alternately, preparing barbecue spaghetti is a sneaky way of taking a little barbecue and making it go further. I know someone who always says, "Let me know how many people are coming so I'll know how much water to add to the soup." Call those noodles Barbecue Helper, then.

And let me know how many people are coming, so I'll know how much pasta to add to the barbecue.

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