Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bienvenido & howdy!

“As difficult as herding cats.” That’s the way my husband, Andy, is likely to describe his attempts to nudge me into starting my own blog. As a professional writer and editor, I try to select each word carefully and craft each sentence to flow with a sense of inevitability. So the idea of cranking out daily blog entries is at serious odds with my writerly sensibilities.

I know he’s right, that as a food writer and culinary tour guide—not to mention a citizen of the 21st century—I must have a bigger presence on the web. I need fresh content to keep the search engines seeking me out with the persistence of skeeters at a bikini waxers’ convention. But this blog business runs counter to my nature. So give me time. I promise to make it entertaining and educational for you. Or at least amusing.

For my inaugural blog entry, I want to share my new favorite cam: Hen Cam! As a Tennessee farm girl living in the maddening sprawl of Los Angeles, it gladdens my heart to be able to visit this site at least once a day (okay, I confess, it’s several times a day) and see how those fine gals are doing in rural Massachusetts. Their pecking and canoodling are brought to us courtesy of food writer and chef Terry Golson. Thanks, Terry!

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