Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Change in Choice of Beverage

My friend, the lovely and talented Missi Pyle, sent an e-mail this morning announcing the release of her new album, It’s OK To Be Happy. (plug plug plug) I’d just poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to listen to it online (and to BUY IT, I promise, Missi!). About 30 seconds into the first song, the house began to shimmy like mad, and the cats all flew into the back and—I assume—under the bed. I couldn’t fit under there and had to settle for crawling under the table. We’re all still pretty jittery. Of course, I joked to Missi that it was the impact of her music that made it seem as if the whole earth were moving . . . It was really odd listening to her singing away while I was crouched under the table, wondering when the house would quit shaking.

At times like this, you just don’t need coffee. After the earthquake was over, I traded the java for a slug of Jameson’s. And then another. Now I feel much better, although adrenaline and whiskey make for an unsteady combination, especially since I was too shaken up to eat lunch. I must admit, though, a good Irish whiskey trumps supermarket coffee any day.

Well, good luck with the album, Missi! I'm hoisting the Jameson's bottle in your direction. See you soon. xoxo

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