Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gummy What?!

Pure gummy goodness...silly, but they beg to be eaten with chopsticks!

While visiting our family farm in Tennessee this past week, I stopped by a country store run by the Mennonite community. It was filled with what you'd expect--wholegrain this and home-canned that. All fresh, wholesome and nutritious. But in the midst of everything I spotted one of the wackiest things I've ever found--gummy candies in the shape of chicken feet.

Even at an everyday, ordinary store this would be amusing. But why would a Mennonite grocery carry something like this? The quiet young woman who assisted me gave me a slight smile as she rang up my purchases. She was so polite I couldn't just blurt out something idiotic like, "What the hey? I'm counting on you to be sober for the both of us!"

Maybe next time I'm home I'll get up the nerve to go back and ask. Unless, of course, I find something even stranger there, like, I don't know, say Necco wafers shaped like undies...

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